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Dr. Laura Bennett Cameron, Theory/Ear-Training

Dr. George Chave, Composition/Theory

Dr. Graham Hunt, Theory/Musicology, Area Coordinator
Dr. John Burton, Theory, Music Literature
Mrs. Emily Ahrens Yates, Theory/Ear-Training
Mr. Jordan Moore, Theory/Ear-Training


The Music Department at UTA offers a B.M. in Music with an option in Composition (B.M., Composition Option), and a Masters of Music in Music Theory (M.M., Theory).

Both options prepare the undergraduate for a career in graduate studies and beyond through Advanced lessons and seminars. Topics of these upper-level classes include: Sonata Theory, Composition Lessons, Computer-Aided Composition, Schenkerian Analysis, and Generative Theory.

For specific degree requirements, please see the Undergraduate Catalog listing for the Music Degrees.
If you are planning to attend a music program, a certain degree of music literacy is expected PRIOR to enrolling in your first semester of music courses. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that students visit the following website:
We recommend the following sections within this site:
THE BASICS: Students must know these materials PERFECTLY before entering Theory/Harmony I (MUSI 1325)
RHYTHM AND METER and SCALES AND KEY SIGNATURES: Students need a basic understanding of this material. It is covered in Theory 1, but at a very rapid pace.
INTERVALS: We STRONGLY recommend that students work on this material PRIOR to beginning Theory 1- this area is vital to your success in Theory 1 and the more knowledge of this you come in with, the better!
CHORDS - Useful to go over in preparation for more detailed work in the semester.
You should continue to use this website, including the remaining chapters, throughout the semester, as an additional resource.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact your Theory 1 professor.

For more information, please contact us!

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