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Larry Barton: Adjunct Instructor of Music Education, Instrumental Music Education

Rick Bogard: Chair of the Music Department, Associate Professor of Trumpet

Dennis Bubert : Visiting Assistant Professor of Trombone, Trombone

John Burton: Professor of Music Theory and Music Literature

Laura Bennett Cameron: Senior Lecturer, Bassoon, Theory

Dan Cavanagh: Associate Professor, Associate Director of Jazz Studies

George Chave: Associate Professor of Composition/Theory, Composition

Young-Hyun Cho: Associate Professor of Piano, Piano

Jennifer Ciobanu: Adjunct Instructor of Voice

Ken Edwards: Adjunct Instructor of Trumpet, Jazz Studies

Andrew Eldridge: Senior Lecturer, Percussion

Sergio Espinosa: Associate Professor of Music, Strings Music Education

Clifton Evans: Associate Professor, Director of Orchestras, Graduate Advisor, String Area Coordinator, Conducting

Catherine Forbes: Adjunct Instructor of Viola

Keira Fullerton: Adjunct Instructor of Cello

David Grogan: Assistant Professor, Voice

Micah Hayes: Music Media/Music Business Area Coordinator,

Graham G. Hunt: Professor, Theory/Composition Area Coordinator

Timothy J. Ishii: Associate Professor of Saxophone, Jazz Studies Area Coordinator, Jazz Bands

Carol Jessup: Associate Professor of Clarinet, Clarinet

Ed Jones: Adjunct Instructor of Tuba

Stefan Karlsson: Adjunct Instructor of Jazz Piano, Jazz Studies, Improvisation, Jazz Combos

Karen Kenaston-French: Associate Professor, Director of Choral Activities, Vocal Area Coordinator, Conducting

Soo Hong Kim: Associate Professor of Voice, Voice

Diane Lange: Associate Professor, Music Education Area Coordinator, Elementary Music

Jing Ling-Tam: Professor of Vocal Studies, Voice

Chris McGuire: Adjunct Instructor of Saxophone,

Ron Montgomery: Lecturer in Voice

Jordan Moore: Adjunct Professor, Music Theory

Brian Mulholland: Adjunct Instructor in Jazz, Jazz History, Music Industry Studies

Rob Myers: Lecturer in Music Education

Scott Pool: Assistant Professor

Linton Powell: Professor of Organ and Harpsichord

Jennifer Ronyak: Assistant Professor of Musicology

Rogene Russell: Adjunct Instructor of Oboe, Oboe

Terri Sanchez: Senior Lecturer in Flute

Carolyn Savko: Lecturer in Class Piano, Class Piano

John Solomons: Associate Professor. Keyboard Area Coordinator, Piano

Douglas Stotter: Director of Bands, Conducting, Winds & Percussion Area Coordinator

Jack Unzicker: Assistant Professor of Double Bass

Michael Varner: Associate Professor of Percussion, Percussion, World Music

Martha Walvoord: Associate Professor of Violin

John Wayman: Assistant Professor, Choral Music Education

Gerald Wood: Adjunct Instructor of Horn, Horn

Emily Ahrens Yates: Adjunct Prof., Music Theory / Ear-Training

John Zastoupil: Assistant Professor, Associate Director of Bands

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